About me


Khaddouj Barghout (1999) lives and works in Rotterdam (NL). Her main focus is currently on drawing, painting and sculpting. Whilst learning from old masters, she manages to use traditional technique’s for tantalizing contemporary art.

Having been raised in a conservative family, sparked a vivid desire to portray themes such as: oppression, liberation and loss of innocence. Being fascinated by strong contradictions in relation to these subjects, she portrays conflicts between purity and vulgarity, between grace and depravity. This leaves horror and lust to merge together into detailed and defying artworks. Together with a longing for (sexual) liberation, the use of detail and strong contrasts is beneficial to the depiction of the constant underlying presence of dread, rage and madness. However, on the surface she plays with a peculiar wittiness which leaves the viewer all the more trapped in contrariety.


Selected exhibitions

2022 Galerie de Vis, ‘Homecoming’, Leeuwarden

2022 Tinimini Room, ‘Offline Exhibition’, Dordrecht

2022 AMAZ, ‘disPlayfullart’,  Hong Kong

2022 Studio Borgerstraat, ART Rotterdam

2021 Hunt Tokyo ‘The Notorious Mouse Lives On’, Tokyo

2021 Breedlijn, Antwerpen

2021 De Aanschouw, Rotterdam

2021 ‘women exposed’, London

2020 Showhouse JayJay, Antwerpen

2020 Arminius, Rotterdam

2020 WORM Slash Gallery, Rotterdam

2020 hARTslane Gallery, London

2019 Nasty Women Fundraiser, Amsterdam

2019 La Visione Art Gallery, Art Istanbul

2018 M4H, Art Rotterdam

2018 Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen




2022 Vogue, NL

2022 Spot On, NL

2021 Beuys on Sale Zines, DE

2019 BNNVARA Magazine, NL

2019 Alien Mag, NL

2019 Art Toy Gama Collective, ES